Fell Dyke Primary School

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Welcome to Nursery.

Our Nursery teachers are Mrs Smith and Mrs Palmer.

How is Nursery different to other year groups?

It follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, with a major focus on the developmental needs of young children.

  • Nursery provides a foundation for learning in a safe and stimulating environment, where children can explore and discover ideas through play. The emphasis is on learning through fun activities rather than formal lessons.
  • Social skill development is very important. Children learn to interact with their peers, share, take turns and start to develop and manage friendships.
  • The basics of English and maths are introduced in an informal way, though storytelling, singing and playing with letters and numbers.
  • The nursery can be very flexible with its approach, in order to meet the diverse needs of the full range of children.
  • Assessment in nursery is informal and ongoing. What the staff see helps them to change and shape the environment in line with the children’s stage of development and interests.