Fell Dyke Primary School

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Year 5 & Year 6

Welcome to Year 5 and Year 6.

Our teaching team is Miss Brown (Turquoise), Mr Storey (Orange) and Mr Mayman (Purple).

How is Year 5/6 different to other year groups?

This phase of school is all about getting children prepared for secondary school. While children still benefit greatly from support from their parents/carers, they are quickly becoming much more independent.

  • The curriculum increases in complexity. It pulls together knowledge from all the previous years of primary school. Pupils who’ve previously had poor attendance sometimes find, at first, the work is ‘tough’ compared to what they expected. Our teachers expertly support children who are feeling this way. Ongoing regular attendance is essential.
  • Children in Year 5 go swimming throughout the academic year. This helps them meet the government’s expectation that all children can confidently and proficiently swim for at least 25 meters.
  • Homework, including reading records and reading books, are monitored more rigorously. Children are given specific targets and challenges they are expected to meet.
  • Year 6 children complete statutory National Curriculum Tests (commonly known as SATs) during their final summer term. Results are shared with parents.
  • Year 5, and particularly Year 6, children are expected to be role models for their fellow pupils. There are additional opportunities to take leadership roles, such as being house captain.
  • We begin preparing pupils for transition to secondary school. In Year 5, this includes visiting the school we feed into (Lord Lawson) to experience lessons and drama performances. For Year 6, there are special transition days once places are allocated and confirmed. Parents need to choose which secondary schools they want their children to attend.