Fell Dyke Primary School

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Welcome to Reception.

Our Reception teacher is Mrs Routledge (Red).

How is Reception different to other year groups?

It is the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage and introduces ways of learning that are developed throughout the rest of the school.

  • Learning is play based, with a heavy emphasis language and following the children’s interests.
  • Early English and maths skills are developed. This includes rapidly acquiring phonics knowledge (the sounds that letters make), to support reading and writing.
  • Managing feelings and building relationships with other people is a major focus, as the children will be spending many years together.
  • Activities are designed to support the children’s physical development, including fine and gross motor skills, coordination and awareness of how to look after themselves.
  • Children are provided with a wide range of experiences to expand their understanding of the world they live in.
  • Staff will make a ‘baseline’ assessment of the children during their time in Reception. The outcome of this will be used to judge the amount of progress they have made by comparing it to the end of Year 6 results, when they sit National Curriculum Tests (commonly known as SATs).