Fell Dyke Primary School

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School Uniform

Our school uniform looks smart and gives children a sense of belonging. As well as preparing children for times in life that require us to dress a certain way, it is a vital part of a pupil’s identity at Fell Dyke.

We expect that parents and carers will ensure their children have appropriate uniform, including asking for support from school if needed.

Staff actively challenge uniform that is not part of our policy.

Main School Uniform

Our school uniform consists of:

  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Plain white polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers (no leggings)
  • Grey or black shorts (not branded)
  • Grey or black skirt (loose fitting and roughly knee length)
  • Grey or black pinafore
  • Royal blue and white summer dress
  • Black shoes or trainers

Any accessories, such as headbands or bobbles, should be small, discreet and blue to match the rest of the uniform.

You do not have to have uniform with the school brand. Cheaper supermarket uniform, in the right colours, is acceptable.

PE Kit

  • Navy blue or black shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no leggings).
  • Blue or white t-shirt (unbranded)
  • Trainers (colours other than black are acceptable for PE)

We do not accept...

  • False nails must never be worn: they are a health and safety risk.
  • Leggings are never an acceptable alternative to trousers.
  • We do not allow children to wear branded shorts in the summer. They must be plain grey or black school shorts.


Jewelry should not be worn. It is a major health and safety risk due to injury and infection.

The only exception is small stud earrings. Children must be able to remove these themselves if they are wearing them.

Parents will be asked to collect any unsuitable jewelry from the school office if it is brought into school.

The only good time to have your child’s ears pierced is at the start of the long summer holiday.

Ordering Online

You can order uniform online and have it delivered to school (for free) or your home address (for a delivery charge).

To place an order, visit:


Ordering from the School Office

Alternatively, you can order from the school office. Please request and complete an order form, with cash payment.


Providing Uniform

We will support children to have the correct uniform. We have spares that are freshly washed and will be worn if pupils arrive at school without the correct uniform. This should be a rare event and we will notify parents if this has been the case.

Parents and carers are ultimately responsible for taking action to ensure their child has the correct uniform.